Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP or QP)

Apply for Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP or QP)

Position: Community Support Team

Status: Full-Time

Location: Wilmington, NC

Education and Experience Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Human Service field and 2 years post degree of full-time experience working with Adult MH population or Master's degree in Human Service field and 1 year of post degree of full-time experience working Adult MH population

Position Responsibilities:

  • Provides psychoeducation as indicated in the PCP
  • Assists with crisis interventions
  • Assists the Team Lead with behavioral and substance use disorder treatment interventions
  • Assists with the development of relapse prevention and disease management strategies
  • Participates in the initial development, implementation, and ongoing revision of the PCP
  • Communicates the beneficiary‚Äôs progress and the effectiveness of the strategies and interventions to the Team Lead as outlined in the PCP
  • Provides intensive case management-Linkage and referral to formal and informal supports
  • Monitoring and follow up
  • Completes functional needs assessment(s) to determine the scope and anticipated outcomes to the services
  • Assist with beneficiary housing search including engaging landlords to rent to beneficiaries and writing reasonable accommodation letters
  • Assist with connecting beneficiaries to financial and in-kind resources to set up and maintain their household
  • Prevent and mitigate housing crises including being a point of contact for landlord concerns
  • Assist with rehousing beneficiaries if they are no longer able to stay in their unit due to eviction or risk of eviction
  • Assist in developing daily living skills to stabilize and maintain housing