Vocational Adult Mental Health Specialist (VS)

Apply for Vocational Adult Mental Health Specialist (VS)

Position: Assertive Community Treatment Team

Status: Full-Time Non-Exempt

Location: Wilmington, NC

Education/Licensure Requirements: A bachelor's degree in a Human Service Field and 1 to 2 years of experience working with Adult Mental Health population as a Vocational Specialist

Additional Requirements: Must have a valid NC Driver's License

Vaccination Requirements: Must be fully Vaccinated against Covid-19

Position Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Vocational Specialist (VS) are as follows:

  • VS engages the beneficiary on the topic of school or work, particularly competitive employment, educating them about their opportunities and the benefits of working and school;
  • VS completes a pre-vocational assessment that is focused on beneficiary’s strengths and preferences, and on-the-job assessments, where appropriate;
  • VS conducts job development, where the vocational specialist builds relationships with local businesses and educates them about the services that the vocational specialist provides, collects information about positions, and ideally determines potential for job carving options;
  • VS facilitates individualized job placement according to beneficiary’s preferences, per the evidence-based supportive employment model;
  • VS provides job coaching and ongoing supports, assisting the beneficiary in learning the job skills, navigating the work place, managing work relationships with other employees and supervisor;
  • VS provides benefits counseling directly, as well as connects beneficiaries to experts for more extensive benefits counseling as needed; this includes development of SSI/SSDI Work Incentives and NC Medicaid Buy-in: Health Coverage For Workers With Disabilities;
  • VS facilitates the Person-Centered Planning process for beneficiaries assigned to him or her; and
  • VS serves as a consultant and educator to fellow ACT team members on the topic of evidence-based supported employment, which is the Individual Placement and Support (IPS-SE) model